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Transport and shipping

We specialize in branch and intermodal freight forwarding across Poland and the European Union.
Additionally our company provides warehousing, distribution and customs clearance services.


You can rely on our expert knowledge and vast experience to help with your shipping needs.

Our Service Commitment

We offer the following services for your freight shipping needs:

  • order processing, and consulting services in relation to freight transport processes,
  • choice of means of transport,
  • contract of carriage,
  • shipping insurance,
  • shipping documentation,
  • order pickup from sender,
  • preparation of shipment for transport,
  • loading of shipment on the selected means of transport with shipping documentation,
  • unloading of shipment from the selected means of transport with shipping documentation,
  • customs clearance,
  • delivery of shipment to recipient.

Our Service Guarantee

In providing shipping services, PBA Service will be fully responsible for:

  • pickup, delivery, transport, loading, unloading and transshipment/reloading.

Our goal is to save you time and money on any shipping needs across Poland and E.U. We offer our services and welcome your business.

PBA Service Ltd.